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Everything We Know about Saudi Arabia

June 19, 2017

Show Notes

Do we know more than 20 minutes of stuff about Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Only time will tell.

Ruchit lived in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

Where is that?

Map of Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia cuts off diplomatic ties with Qatar.


Why did these countries move against Qatar?

Qatar paid up to $1bn to release members of its royal family who were kidnapped in Iraq while on a hunting trip, according to people involved in the hostage deal — one of the triggers behind Arab states’ dramatic decision to cut ties with the government in Doha.

More things we know about the Middle East

For one, Twitter is extremely popular there. Saudi Arabia royal family tree:

Saudi royal family tree

Everything We Know about Technology

AJ was really mad about Ruchit and I continuing the show about Bitcoin without him.

Did the Intercept bungle the NSA leak?


Ruchit: A New York Times article about the Fleet Foxes.

AJ: Tadashi Tokeida on Numberphile

Tom: Statements I Most Regret by Cass Sunstein