Everything We Know About the American Heartland


Everything We Know about Don Jr.

July 15, 2017

Show Notes

Ruchit is fooled by Donald Trump, but is also obsessed with Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr

Don Jr is in the news.

Tweet about Don Jr

Better Care Reconciliation Act

This is part of the podcast where Tom gets bored.


TJ: Sad Full House

Ruchit: Don Sr in a Russian music video

AJ: How Tinder Could Take Back the White House

Social media has also made canvassing more inclusive. Several people who volunteered with us said our bot allowed them to canvass despite physical or mental health conditions that prevented them from handing out leaflets. Nathalie Wright, a disability activist and writer, said: “I could do it in my own time on my own terms, as much or as little as I wanted. This reflects a bigger shift this election, where politics has been made more accessible and relevant to people who are usually marginalized.”


We talk about the shopping Ruchit wants to do:

After the after show, we talk about bitcoin.