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Everything We Know about BCRA is Useless

July 19, 2017

Show Notes

It seems like BCRA is dead in the water, but we still decided to do a podcast about it.

Pre-show notes

BCRA is dead:

Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

Before we begin the show, Ruchit hawks wares on Amazon India Bazaar in a post-pre-show. Then, we pretend like BCRA is still alive.

Changes from last draft:

  1. Adopt Cruz amendment.
  2. Reverse proposal to eliminate the 3.9% investment tax and 0.9% payroll tax on wealthier americans, but still retaining plenty of tax cuts for the wealthy
  3. Replace ACA cost-sharing subsidies with a $182 billion fund to do something similar to the cost-sharing subsidies
  4. HSAs can be used to pay insurance premiums
  5. $45 billion to combat opioid addiction (but, due to the Medicaid cuts, this is still net less funding for opioid addiction compared to no change in law)
  6. It has a new provision allowing people to use tax credits to buy catastrophic plans with extremely high deductibles that cover no routine care.
  7. It replaces the ACA’s subsidies with stingier tax credits based on what high-deductible plans cost and allows insurers to charge older people more than they can now.

Will BCRA pass?

We predict yes, and we are wrong.


Before the sidebars, Ruchit contemplates buying a planter.


TJ: 2017, Disney is coming out with a new DuckTales show.

As a bonus sidebar, DuckTales Theme Song sung by the new cast

Ruchit: Kid does presidential impressions for his middle school graduation. This is from the summer of 2016.

AJ: DeliMan

After show

In the after show, we discuss Indian cooking implements.