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Everything We Know about David Brooks

September 9, 2017

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, we discuss a little of left twitter and David Brooks.

Follow Up

We start with some follow up about Ruchit’s hate of left twitter. Tom’s theory: Ruchit hates left twitter because of selection bias. Ruchit disagrees, but he is wrong.

Then, AJ clarifies that the New York Times is an establishment paper, more than a left or right paper.

David Brooks

David Brooks wrote a piece of Identity Politics called In Priase of Equipoise.

David Brooks

David Brooks describes equipoise as:

It’s the ability to move gracefully through your identities — to have the passions, blessings and hurts of one balanced by the passions, blessings and hurts of several others.

AJ hates this column and David Brooks.


Is the GOP using 800,000 individuals as a bargaining chip in the upcoming budget negotiations?


Ruchit: Yale Course on listening to Music.

AJ: 8 Bit Music Theory

TJ: Lens Rentals shows their gear destroyed by the total solar eclipse.

After show

In the after show, AJ makes David Brooks’ point.