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Everything We Know about Graham-Cassidy

September 25, 2017

Show Notes

Ruchit and AJ promise to block walk for Tom as long as there are only two or three blocks to walk.


Uber has been banned by the City of London.

We talk about healthcare again

We take a break for a week, and the GOP tries to pass a new healthcare law. Trigger warning: AJ and Ruchit take a deep dive into the technical details of healthcare policy.

Avalere estimates that it would cause a $215 billion cut between 2026, while the CBPP pegs it at $239 billion. Broadly, the two analyses agree: Graham-Cassidy means less money put toward health care programs.

Both show pretty clearly the trade-off Graham-Cassidy makes: it sends money from states that have high Obamacare enrollment (largely through Medicaid expansion) to those with less robust sign-ups. According to Avalere’s analysis, California loses $78 billion while Alabama gains $5 billion between 2020 and 2026.


AJ: Party World Rasslin; watch the Video.

TJ: How logos are remembered.

RS: BioLite Fire Pit


Ruchit steals popcorn