Everything We Know About the American Heartland


Everything We Know about Common Carriers

October 7, 2017

Show Notes

We start this episode starts by defining the American Heartland, with guest Laura Braunsberg.

Follow up

People tweeted at us and we spend a segment of the episode reading tweets:

Is Twitter a common carrier?

And will they ever ban him for violating their terms of service?

Lightning Round

Where we go through a few follow up topics fairly quickly.

North Korea

Crazy stories about North Korean hijinks.

New Travel Ban

Constitutional or no?

French Frog Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s patriot act. Seems like Macron is not liberal. ??‍♂️


Laura: Super Troopers 2 has finished post production.

AJ: Wired: The Hidden Laborers Training AI to Keep Ads off Hateful Youtube Videos.

TJ: Zach Braff discovered he’s used to advertise erection pills.