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Everything We Know about Bob Corker

October 23, 2017

Show Notes

Turns out the gang knows a lot about old white dudes. But first we talk about whether Donald Trump is a dictator.

Follow Up

Ruchit has no ability to use technology.

Bob Corker

Ruchit likes Bob Corker and wonders if any democrats have said that Trump is leading us to war?

Have any democrats warned of the same?

  1. Prominent Democratic financial backer warns Trump will lead us into war.
  2. Chris Murphy, D-Conn, warns of world war.
  3. California Democratic representative warns of world war.
  4. 64 Democratic Legislators warn of Trump war.
  5. Huffington Post warns Trump could start WW3.
  6. DiFi et al warn of nuclear war.
  7. Several key Democratic lawmakers said that Mr. Trump’s heated rhetoric will lead to war
  8. Hillary Clinton says Trump is a clear and present danger to the world.

Bob Corker

Supreme Court Predictions

It’s about arbitration! Listen to our arbitration episode to find out more!


Ruchit: Ruchit was going to do something but he didn’t do it in Episode 29. He was going to listen to the Yale class on music and he was going to listen to an episode a week. He has listened to one class.

TJ: Singles Day

AJ: Ryan Zinke has a personal flag.