Everything We Know About the American Heartland


Everything We Know about Tax Cuts and Twitter

December 6, 2017

Show Notes

In this short episode, Ruchit admits on the record that he is a fan of Richard Milhous Nixon. But we don’t discuss this at all.

Tax Bill

Mitch is happy

Supreme Court Predictions

Class v. United States:

  • Ruchit: 9-0 Class
  • AJ: 9-0 Class
  • TJ: 9-0 Class


TJ: Map of FBI planes conducting survellience. * Ars Technicaa: FBI would rather prosecutors drop cases than disclose stingray details

AJ: Cards Against Humanity Saves America.

Ruchit: waitbutwhy.com.

After Show

Jon Tester manhandles 479-page tax bill.