Everything We Know About the American Heartland


Everything We Know about Planned Parenthood

April 9, 2018

Show Notes

One of your three lawyer friends is on vacation, but another friend tells us about Planned Parenthood and D&D.

Ajit Pai is in the news again, I guess

More on US v. Microsoft

Someone in Georgia Said the N-Word

Prescott Bush and Planned Parenthood

Supreme Court Predictions

National Institute of Family & Life Advocates v. Becerra

  • AJ: 6-3 Becerra
  • Laura: 6-3 Becerra
  • TJ: 5-4 NIFLA

Sveen v. Melin

  • AJ: 5-4 Sveen
  • Laura: 8-1 Sveen
  • Tom: 7-2 Sveen


AJ: Smooth cups make sweeter flavors: an article and paper.

TJ: The man who bottled Evolution

The long-term experiment demonstrates definitively—rather than theoretically—how new lineages arise and diverge. It confirms that evolution occurs, is ever-present and never stops. In other words, according to science writer Carl Zimmer, Lenski has done something Darwin never dreamed of: he has observed evolution in his own time.

Laura: Planned Parenthood


Critical Role