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Everything We Know about Racism

March 7, 2017

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Ruchit is in India. AJ is in Texas. Tom is in California. Can we still have an episode?

Everything We Know about the Previous Episode(s)

“Passengers on a domestic flight deplaning in New York were asked to present ID by Customs and Border Protection agents—a likely unenforceable demand that nevertheless diminishes freedom”

538’s Harry Enton also wonders whether John McCain is really a Maverick. We assume this article was written in response to our podcast, Everything We Know about John McCain.

Tom Udall has a plan to confirm both Gorsuch and Garland. Probably cribbed from West Wing, Season 5, episode 17.

The three justices that Udall proposes should retire:

Esquivel-Quintana v. Sessions

We take about this case, which before the Supreme Court currently. We also make predictions about this case.

I don’t like the racism

George W. Bush says that he doesn’t like the racism.

  • Bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers
  • Warned to leave, the Kansas shooting victim refused to abandon the “country he loved,” his wife said, according to the Washington Post
    • The 911 Call: “I’m a bartender at Applebee’s and I had this guy come into the bar and he told me that he had done something really bad and he was on the run from the police, and he asked if he could stay with me and my husband and he wouldn’t tell me what he did,” the 911 caller continued. “I kept asking him. He said he would tell me if I agreed to let him stay with me. I finally got him to tell me and he said that he shot and killed two Iranian people in Olathe and I looked it up on the news and there was a shooting three hours ago.”
  • Obama says that sometimes we take two steps forward, and one step back.

As an aside, the Onion reports that children are sociopaths.

What is structural racism?

Everything We Know about this Supreme Court

Here, we make predictions about what the Supreme Court will do. We record our predictions and hold ourselves accountable.


In this segment, we offer random, unrelated tidbits.