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Everything We Know about Freedom (Caucus)

April 3, 2017

Show Notes

We check the show notes and talk about the Freedom Caucus. Are they good? Are they bad?

Ruchit thinks the Freedom Caucus is good.

Trump tweets at the Freedom Caucus and some members of respond:

Then, a Trump aide calls for Justin Amash’s defeat and maybe causes ethical problems.

AJ disagrees:

Then Ruchit brings up an Indian Epic

Massie says:

I thought they were voting for libertarian Republicans. But after some soul searching I realized when they voted for Rand and Ron and me in these primaries, they weren’t voting for libertarian ideas—they were voting for the craziest son of a [b*tch] in the race. And Donald Trump won best in class, as we had up until he came along.

Mike Flynn’s Immunity Request

At the request of friend of the show @TylerArroz, we discuss Mike Flynn’s immunity request:

Everything We Know about this Supreme Court

We make a prediction about the Supreme Court. This one comes back to our previous discussion about Textualism.

Then, we reflect on some of our previous predictions that we have gotten wrong. By “we,” we mean AJ:

Side Bar

Where we discuss unrelated topics:


Everything We Know about Textualism

March 29, 2017

Show Notes

Conservative judges claim to be textualist and originalist. What is textualism? What is originalism?

Textualism and Originalism.

We harp on the fact that Judge Gorsuch didn’t make Law Review, again.


Ezra Klien on Politics in 2014:

The data also explains why Democratic and Republicans have so much trouble understanding each other. Democrats tend to project their preference for policymaking onto the Republican Party — and then respond with anger and confusion when Republicans don’t seem interested in making a deal. Republicans tend to assume the Democratic Party is more ideological than it is, and so see various policy initiatives as part of an ideological effort to remake America along more socialistic lines.

Harold Pollack in Politico:

They didn’t do any of this, perhaps because they believed they would never have to. Secure in the knowledge that they would face President Obama’s veto, Republicans rammed through a succession of extreme repeal-and-replace bills that resembled AHCA’s original draft. These bills excited the Republican base, but would have horrified most other Americans if they ever found sufficient reason to look. Then Congressional Republicans suffered what George W. Bush might call a “catastrophic success” with Donald Trump’s unexpected victory. They had nothing real to deliver.


AJ hates Paul Ryan

Everything We Know about the Supreme Court



Everything We Know about Regulations

March 21, 2017

Show Notes

The gang explores a side business of creating soothing sounds for their listeners instead of a podcast.

Around the News

O’Connor v. Oakhurst Dairy: “For want of a comma, we have this case.”

Hawai’i Federal Judge halts second Muslim ban.

Uber’s troubles, starting with the Google lawsuit and sexism at Uber.

Regulations that the Trump administration has revoked.

Since become president, Mr. Trump has changed or eliminated over 90 regulations. Trump order that for every regulation passed, two must be removed has been challenged in court.

Trump’s regulatory attack:

Everything We Know about this Supreme Court

Packing v. North Carolina. Packingham posts on Facebook:

“God is Good! How about I got so much favor they dismissed the ticket before court even started? No fine, no court costs, no nothing spent . . . Praise be to GOD, WOW! Thanks JESUS!”

Kindred Nursing Centers Ltd. v. Clark

Hernandez v. Mesa. You can find the AP report on this story, including pictures of the culvert:

The culvert, care of the AP

AP Photo

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Everything We Know about Racism

March 7, 2017

Show Notes

Ruchit is in India. AJ is in Texas. Tom is in California. Can we still have an episode?

Everything We Know about the Previous Episode(s)

“Passengers on a domestic flight deplaning in New York were asked to present ID by Customs and Border Protection agents—a likely unenforceable demand that nevertheless diminishes freedom”

538’s Harry Enton also wonders whether John McCain is really a Maverick. We assume this article was written in response to our podcast, Everything We Know about John McCain.

Tom Udall has a plan to confirm both Gorsuch and Garland. Probably cribbed from West Wing, Season 5, episode 17.

The three justices that Udall proposes should retire:

Esquivel-Quintana v. Sessions

We take about this case, which before the Supreme Court currently. We also make predictions about this case.

I don’t like the racism

George W. Bush says that he doesn’t like the racism.

  • Bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers
  • Warned to leave, the Kansas shooting victim refused to abandon the “country he loved,” his wife said, according to the Washington Post
    • The 911 Call: “I’m a bartender at Applebee’s and I had this guy come into the bar and he told me that he had done something really bad and he was on the run from the police, and he asked if he could stay with me and my husband and he wouldn’t tell me what he did,” the 911 caller continued. “I kept asking him. He said he would tell me if I agreed to let him stay with me. I finally got him to tell me and he said that he shot and killed two Iranian people in Olathe and I looked it up on the news and there was a shooting three hours ago.”
  • Obama says that sometimes we take two steps forward, and one step back.

As an aside, the Onion reports that children are sociopaths.

What is structural racism?

Everything We Know about this Supreme Court

Here, we make predictions about what the Supreme Court will do. We record our predictions and hold ourselves accountable.


In this segment, we offer random, unrelated tidbits.


Everything We Know about Guns

February 25, 2017

Show Notes

Today we discuss everything we know about guns and then some stuff we know about Planned Parenthood. We start with some follow up from Episode 4: Everything We Know About John McCain.

The Right to Bear Arms

The Fourth Circuit recently issued an opinion holding that assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment.

Reproductive Rights

In the second part of the show, we discuss a case where Judge Sam Sparks issues a preliminary injunction barring Texas from removing Planned Parenthood from Medicaid.


The Third Amendment has been applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment by the Second Circuit in Engbloom v. Carey.