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Everything We Know about the Automobile Exception

January 28, 2018

Show Notes

Your three lawyer pals talk about the government shutdown and the judicial automobile exception.

Revisiting the North Carolina Partisan Gerrymander

Follow up on North Carolina — is it still a democracy?

U.S. Government Shuts Down

We find out that there’s no more shutdown!

Supreme Court Predictions

Husted v. A Phillip Randolph Institute:

  • AJ: 7-2 Institute
  • Ruchit: 5-4 Ohio
  • Tom: 5-4 Institute

Collins v. Virginia, where the automobile exception meets the curtilage of the home.

  • AJ: 5-4 Virginia
  • Ruchit: 7-2 Collins with Gorsuch writing the Majority Opinion
  • Tom: 9-0 Collins

Byrd v. United States

  • Ruchit: 5-4 Byrd Sotomayor writing the Majority Opinion, with the dissent written by Gorsuch.
  • AJ: 5-4 Byrd
  • Tom: 5-4 Byrd


TJ: The doctor who helped the US kill bin Ladin still in Pakistani prison

Afridi used a fake hepatitis vaccination program to try to get DNA samples from bin Laden’s family as a means of pinpointing his location. But he has not been charged in connection with the bin Laden operation.

He was accused under tribal law alleging he aided and facilitated militants in the nearby Khyber tribal region, said Nadeem. Even the Taliban scoffed at the charge that was filed to make use of Pakistan’s antiquated tribal system, which allows closed courts, does not require the defendant to be present in court, and limits the number of appeals, he said.

Afridi hasn’t seen his lawyer since 2012 and his wife and children are his only visitors. For two years his file “disappeared,” delaying a court appeal that still hasn’t proceeded. The courts now say a prosecutor is unavailable, his lawyer, Qamar Nadeem Afridi, told The Associated Press.

If charged with treason — which Pakistani authorities say he committed — Afridi would have the right to public hearings and numerous appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, where the details of the bin Laden raid could be laid bare, something neither the civilian nor military establishments want, his lawyer said.

Afridi spends his days alone, isolated from a general prison population filled with militants who have vowed to kill him for his role in locating bin Laden, said Nadeem

AJ: Sawbones: Coffee

Ruchit: The World Book Club


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Everything We Know about Stormy Daniels

January 22, 2018

Show Notes

Your three lawyer friends find out more than they wanted to know about Stormy Daniels and then talk about it.

Whitehouse tweet describing chain migration as a ponzi scheme

North Carolina Gerrymanders

Is North Carolina still a democracy? Listen to the show to find out.

Stormy Daniels

Did the President of the United States of America pay a porn star hush money?

Supreme Court Predictions

Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Assn.:

  • AJ: 6-3 Christie
  • Ruchit: 7-2 Christie
  • Tom: 5-4 Christie


AJ: Hardcore History: The Celtic Holocaust

TJ: JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, avoided the 1929 stock market after a shoe shine boy gave him a stock tip.


Everything We Know about 2018

January 10, 2018

Show Notes

Your three artisan lawyers make a prediction about a SCOTUS case, but, first, they make other predictions.

  • Naval’s tweetstorm that we don’t talk about at all.


Trigger warning: Ruchit is talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies again, so much so that even Tom is tired of hearing about it.


Law clerks are a thing.

SCOTUS Prediction: Patchak v. Zinke

Patchak v. Zinke:



AJ: Michael Lewis has created a new journalism genre: worrying stories about the Trump transition team.

Ruchit: Texas Tribune, Puzzling Shapes, a history and overview of a Texas district.


Everything We Know about Apple Getting Sued

January 1, 2018

Show Notes

Ruchit would happily trade his iPhone X for a flip phone. Apple gets sued.

Pre-Show Announcement

Apple Gets Sued over Slow iPhones

Ruchit bought several Apple products this week, yet he’s not happy with Apple:

Supreme Court Predictions

Carpenter v. United States:

  • Ruchit: 7-2 Carpenter (Thomas & Alito dissent, Gorsuch writes majority.)
  • AJ: 5-4 United States (Kennedy is the deciding vote.)
  • TJ: 9-0 Carpenter


AJ: So, nearly one year into the Trump administration, we checked in with some of the best political cartoonists in the nation to see how they’re drawing Trump, the caricature. In the videos below, they offer their thoughts on the challenge as they sketch the face that launched a thousand pens.

TJ: The Worst & Best airlines in the world based on timeliness.

Ruchit: Here is a picture Tom took in Banff.


Everything We Know about Net Neutrality

December 18, 2017

Show Notes

Your three artisan lawyers argue about whether net neutrality is good or very good. Fair warning: this is a fairly deep dive and a technical view into the history and the policy of net neutrality.

Ajit Pai makes a video promoting his anti-net neutrality policies at the FCC

Supreme Court Predictions

Marinello v. United States:

  • Ruchit: 9-0 Marinello
  • AJ: 8-1 Marinello
  • Tom: 9-0 Marinello


TJ: Star trails photography.

AJ: Griffin’s amiibo Corner.

Ruchit: The Uncertain Hour® Podcast


Democrats want Doug Jones seated right away. The GOP wants to finish a tax overhaul.