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Everything We Know about Jeff Sessions

July 28, 2017

Show Notes

In this episode, we discover we don’t really need Tom to do a show.

Cabinets — how do they work?

AJ and Ruchit renovate their cabinets.

Sessions speaks

Jeff Sessions’ Tenure

He’s the attorney general. What’s he been up to?


DOJ memo on Sentencing:

First, it is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense. This policy affirms our responsibility to enforce the law, is moral and just, and produces consistency.

Memo generally rescinds all prior inconsistent guidance and explicitly rescinds two Holder memos (1, 2) urging more nuanced assessment of charging and plea negotiations. The Holder memos emphasized that “prosecutors must individually evaluate the unique facts and circumstances and select charges and seek sentences that are fair and proportional based upon this individualized assessment.” instead of only the maximum provable charge.

Civil Forfeiture

Even the Institute for Justice thinks that we need reform here.


Before we jump to the sidebar, we discuss BCRA a little more.


Ruchit: Rick Perry pranked by Russians

AJ: Krugman on US-Germany trade imbalance


Everything We Know about BCRA is Useless

July 19, 2017

Show Notes

It seems like BCRA is dead in the water, but we still decided to do a podcast about it.

Pre-show notes

BCRA is dead:

Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

Before we begin the show, Ruchit hawks wares on Amazon India Bazaar in a post-pre-show. Then, we pretend like BCRA is still alive.

Changes from last draft:

  1. Adopt Cruz amendment.
  2. Reverse proposal to eliminate the 3.9% investment tax and 0.9% payroll tax on wealthier americans, but still retaining plenty of tax cuts for the wealthy
  3. Replace ACA cost-sharing subsidies with a $182 billion fund to do something similar to the cost-sharing subsidies
  4. HSAs can be used to pay insurance premiums
  5. $45 billion to combat opioid addiction (but, due to the Medicaid cuts, this is still net less funding for opioid addiction compared to no change in law)
  6. It has a new provision allowing people to use tax credits to buy catastrophic plans with extremely high deductibles that cover no routine care.
  7. It replaces the ACA’s subsidies with stingier tax credits based on what high-deductible plans cost and allows insurers to charge older people more than they can now.

Will BCRA pass?

We predict yes, and we are wrong.


Before the sidebars, Ruchit contemplates buying a planter.


TJ: 2017, Disney is coming out with a new DuckTales show.

As a bonus sidebar, DuckTales Theme Song sung by the new cast

Ruchit: Kid does presidential impressions for his middle school graduation. This is from the summer of 2016.

AJ: DeliMan

After show

In the after show, we discuss Indian cooking implements.


Everything We Know about Don Jr.

July 15, 2017

Show Notes

Ruchit is fooled by Donald Trump, but is also obsessed with Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr

Don Jr is in the news.

Tweet about Don Jr

Better Care Reconciliation Act

This is part of the podcast where Tom gets bored.


TJ: Sad Full House

Ruchit: Don Sr in a Russian music video

AJ: How Tinder Could Take Back the White House

Social media has also made canvassing more inclusive. Several people who volunteered with us said our bot allowed them to canvass despite physical or mental health conditions that prevented them from handing out leaflets. Nathalie Wright, a disability activist and writer, said: “I could do it in my own time on my own terms, as much or as little as I wanted. This reflects a bigger shift this election, where politics has been made more accessible and relevant to people who are usually marginalized.”


We talk about the shopping Ruchit wants to do:

After the after show, we talk about bitcoin.


Everything We Know about the Supreme Court

July 4, 2017

Show Notes

All the listeners are invited to Ruchit’s July 4th Party to celebrate #America.

The Current Term’s Heartlanded.com batting average:  Tom (0.709), Ruchit (0.690), AJ (0.516)

Preview of the Supreme Court’s next term

Trump’s refugee ban has gone to the Supreme Court and they’ve granted cert, in Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project.

Cases from the previous term

Paven v. Smith

This is a same-sex marriage case controlled by Obergefell:

In the decision below, the Arkansas Supreme Court considered the effect of that holding on the State’s rules governing the issuance of birth certificates. When a married woman gives birth in Arkansas, state law generally requires the name of the mother’s male spouse to appear on the child’s birth certificate—regardless of his biological relationship to the child. According to the court below, however, Arkansas need not extend that rule to similarly situated same-sex couples

A similar case from the Texas Supreme Court, Pidgeon v. Turner.

Hernandez v. Mesa

This case involves a cross-border shooting of a Mexican child by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer

This case involves public funds and whether religious institutions should have access to those public funds.

Maslenjak v. United States

If you lie during your citizenship application process, does that lie have to be material in order for the Government to revoke your citizenship? The Supreme Court said yes.


AJ: Pregnant women almost got to commit murder in New Hampshire

TJ: Apple’s shot from an iPhone ad campaign requires more than just an iPhone:

Shot on an iPhone equipment

Ruchit: Barbarian Days


We follow up from our bitcoin episode.


Everything We Know about Coffee

June 26, 2017

Show Notes

AJ knows everything about coffee. Tom drinks coffee. Ruchit drinks decaf coffee.

Coffee is a seed

Takes a lot of work before AJ and Tom can drink their coffee and snobbishly look down on Ruchit.

The Coffee Fruit

Film Processing

We take a quick digression:

Coffee Waves Framework

Like feminism, coffee comes in waves:

Making Coffee

AJ has a very specific coffee-making routine.

First, he roasts the coffee

Second, he heats the water

Third, he brews his coffee

As an aside, check out coffee naps. They’re good.


AJ: the worst ever coffee youtube

Ruchit: The Maker, Toast

TJ: National Parks Maps npmaps.com and from the Government.