National Institute of Family & Life Advocates v. Becerra


California passed a law to address crisis pregnancy centers who opposed abortion and who it believed were posing as medical clinics and providing inaccurate information to women about their abortion rights. For example, they are required to post notices about the availability of abortion services and a state number where women can get more information. Is this a violation of the First Amendment rights of these non-profits?1

  1. We talked about this case in Episode 52. More information about the case can be found here

6-3 Becerra/California

6-3 California

6-3 Crisis Centers

5-4 Crisis Center


The Ninth Circuit held that:

held that the Act is a neutral law of general applicability, which survived rational basis review. The panel concluded that appellants were unable to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits of their First Amendment claims.

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